Tank Clash Game
Tank Clash Game
Tank Clash Game
Tank Clash Game
Tank Clash Game

Tank Clash Game

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Immerse yourself in battle with 6 iconic World War 2 tanks!

Tank Clash : Western Front is a casual warfare strategy game for 2 players that a noob or skilled player can enjoy. It features a checkers-style armour tracking system with dice rolling and hand management for tactical choices.

Take command of fearsome German tanks like the Panzer IV, Marder III and Tiger I. In the early stages of the war, Germany tank offensives in Poland and France proved that armour was essential for victory.

Although the Germans created very formidable tanks, the Americans managed to use innovative tactics and its industrial might to turn the tide of the war. They built the M4 Sherman, M18 Hellcat and M26 Pershing to counter them.

This tank skirmish game is designed to be easy-to-learn, quick to setup and played within an hour. Replayability is high as there are different secret missions, morale cards and modular terrain boards.

 4 modular terrain boards
 10 tank tokens
 6 checkpoint tokens
 24 armour tokens
 14 damage tokens
 1 insignia token
 2 ace tokens
 6 mission cards
 12 tactical cards
 12 morale cards
 6 acrylic dice
 1 instruction manual

Ages: 14+
Time: 30-90mins play
No. of Players: 2 players

Designed in Singapore

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