Maneki Neko 02S-M01 / 02C-M01 / 02H-M01
Maneki Neko 02S-M01 / 02C-M01 / 02H-M01
Maneki Neko 02S-M01 / 02C-M01 / 02H-M01
Maneki Neko 02S-M01 / 02C-M01 / 02H-M01
Maneki Neko 02S-M01 / 02C-M01 / 02H-M01
Maneki Neko 02S-M01 / 02C-M01 / 02H-M01

Maneki Neko 02S-M01 / 02C-M01 / 02H-M01
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(Please note that it will take up to 1 month for Homebuilder Series (L size) for delivery)
  • Product Code: ST28JPY09-M01 / CM28JPY09-M01 / HB28JPY09-M01
  • Number of bricks: >2,230

JEKCA's patented Brick-through Technology for realistic brick sculptures.

A brand that targets all Kidult brick lovers.
You can assemble these artistic building blocks sculptures with our kits.
These blocks are like real sculptures and will not collapse or break apart.
No glue is needed and the procedures are reversible and straightforward.
A detailed step by step manual is included in package.



Pusheen - Standing 7 InchesPusheen - Standing 3.5 InchesBaby Gund Oh So Snuggly Elephant 12.5 InchesBaby Gund Oh So Snuggly Puppy 12.5 InchesGund Cozys Horse 10 Inches

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Fizzics DraftPour
Fizzics DraftPour
Fizzics DraftPour
Fizzics DraftPour
Fizzics DraftPour
Fizzics DraftPour
Fizzics DraftPour
Fizzics DraftPour

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Fizzics DraftPour
Regular price $330.00 Sale price $264.00

FFresh From The Tap, Nitro-Style Draft Beer Anytime, Anywhere.

These uniformed, tiny sized bubbles create the perfect density that delivers enhanced aroma, flavor, and mouth-feel Fizzics is famous for. Compatible with any style of beer - IPAs, Pilsners, Brown Ales, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, etc and does not require any C02 cartridges or nitrogen.

Not all foam is created equal. Fizzics Micro-Foam converts any beer’s carbonation into uniformed sized bubbles that deliver enhanced aroma, flavor, and mouth-feel. DraftPour makes every beer taste better. It’s not even close.

The evidence is clear. Note the bubbles that are generated by a Fizzics pour compared to a traditional hand pour or straight from a tap. The different phases of “head” are critical to brewers and cicerones (sommeliers of beer) where the bubbles start to form (nucleation), rise to form the head (beading), and then mature (disproportionation). Fizzics optimizes all three phases with one easy push of DraftPour’s tap handle!

  • Powered via USB or 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Accommodates all size cans and bottles, including 500ml and 750ml bottles
  • Up to 25% faster “pour” than our other models
  • Larger DraftPour design still weighs less than 4 lbs to take it anywhere

Weight of dispenser: Less than 4 pounds, the perfectly portable size to take to parties, tailgates, the beach or even camping!
Cleaning Instruction: Warm water must be run through the dispenser to clean after use. This ensures the best experience and ensures your DraftPour will last for many years.

As Seen On Shark Tank!

All 6 Sharks agree, canned and bottled drinks taste better through a Fizzics machine.

*Includes 1-year warranty

Underarm Bag - CyprinoidKiss Clasp Card Holder - Bamboo Forest (Black)Kiss Clasp Card Holder - Bamboo Forest (Red)Underarm Bag - Fine Art (BK)Underarm Bag - Fine Art (PK)


COCOONESE was created to showcase the beauty of handmade masterpieces. They are committed to creating exquisite and unique women's bags with designs that are representative of Asian culture. COCOONESE's products are hand-made in Singapore. All their bags are lovingly sewn and hand-stitched, as a result, their stocks are very limited, which also makes each design unique.

Handmade Masterpieces
Tangerine Tree 01S / 01CChinese Candy Box 02Chinese Candy Box 01Red Lucky Scroll 01Tangerine 02S

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JEKCA Festive Themed

Coming Soon! Pre-order yours now!

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Ceramic Pot Coaster - JewelCeramic Pot Coaster - Singapore SkylineCeramic Pot Coaster - ShophousesCeramic Pot Coaster - Gardens by the BayCeramic Pot Coaster - Merlion

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Pot Coaster

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Curry Puff CushionPineapple Tart Chew ToyOtah Squeaker Chew ToyOtah Pencil CaseSiew Mai Squeaker Chew Toy

Local food cushion

Nom Nom Plush

Nom Nom Plush is created by a bunch of goofy people who love food, fun and all things cute. Based in Singapore, they hope to bring you high-quality plush toys inspired by local delicacies. They know you share their love for food and understand your woe of unwanted calories. So, Nom Nom Plush is created to be the best alternative to satisfy your food fix!

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Wide range of Gifts, JEKCA building blocks, Home Decor, Games..

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Pouch - Chope This is MineGrab Your Breakfast Card GameGem Biscuit Cushion PinkGem Biscuit Cushion BlueGem Biscuit Cushion Yellow

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Singapore Designers

Singapore local inspired games, greeting cards, gifts, fashion, local souvenirs, home decor, stationaries, etc..

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