Rats to Riches Board Game
Rats to Riches Board Game
Rats to Riches Board Game
Rats to Riches Board Game
Rats to Riches Board Game
Rats to Riches Board Game

Rats to Riches Board Game

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Rats to Riches is a finance strategy card game. Players are sewer-dwelling rats who invest, acquire properties, pursue career paths, or even steal their way to financial superiority!

It’s a Rat Race! you’re a pack of filthy, scheming rats, racing to collect $100 Swindle, working your way to a better class of sewer, by investing in assets, hiring gangsters and – of course – stealing whatever you can!

AN EXCITING RAT RACE BUSINESS STRATEGY GAME of BUYING, SELLING, and INVESTING – Rats to Riches puts a unique spin on classic money games for kids by adding in elements of the underworld. Scheme and scam your way to the top, move into a nicer sewer, and even hire gangsters to get there!

BUILD YOUR SEWER EMPIRE RUN THE BIGGEST MONEY MAKING SCHEME – Make your way through this surprisingly detailed family business board game as the Red Ruffian, Green Gangster, Blue Boss, or even The Big Cheese, and aim for the big $100 swindle to win the game.

COMBINE SKILL, LUCK, and STRATEGY – What makes Rats to Riches great for children and families is that it combines skill, luck, and strategy so that there’s never a clear advantage. Add in the sneaky scheming of the game and you’re in for a fun and challenging time.

GREAT FOR FAMILIES, CLASSROOMS, and PARTIES – Each game lasts between 25 to 45 minutes and is suitable for children ages 8 and up. The game is designed for 2-5 players and makes a great group activity for indoor play time or parties.
-HIGH QUALITY GAME BOARD AND PIECES – Rats to Riches includes everything you need with custom designed game pieces and an innovative playing board integrated into the base. We’ve built our game board to last so you and your kids can enjoy it endlessly.

How to Play:
Earn income, buy-sell assets, become the Red Ruffian, Green Gangster or Blue Boss or even The Big Cheese, sabotage other rats and build your sewer empire!
A deceptively detailed multi-level strategy game combining skill with an element of luck.
Made with multiple, custom-designed quality components and meeples, as well as an innovative playing board, integrated into the base.
And yes… leave your manners and politeness at the door!

Step 1: Collect Income
Income is the sum of all values in this white ring. Take that value in Swindles ($) from The Slush Fund. The Flush Card gives you a base Income of $2, with Green Cards increasing this value.

Step 2: Buy And/or Use Cards
Buying Cards: Vou may only buy Open Sewer Cards. To do so, pay the cost of that Card to The Slush Fund, then keep the Card face-up in front of you.
The cost of each Card is in the bottom-right corner. When a Card is bought from The Open Sewer, immediately replace it with the top Card of The Rat Pack.
You may buy newly-replaced Open Sewer Cards on the same turn as well.
Use Cards: Red Cards, Blue Cards, Grey Cards, Bonus Bonanza and your Flush Card can be used. To use a Card, carry out its effect, then place it in The Cesspit.
You may use Cards on the same turn you bought them or save them for future use.

Step 3: Buy Cheese
You end your turn by buying up to 3 pieces of Cheese, of any color. Each piece of Cheese costs $1, paid to The Slush Fund.

Game Content:

Game board, 3 types of cheese + holders, Cash, Flush Cards, Green Cards, Blue Cards, Red Cards, Purple Cards, Yellow Cards, Grey Cards, Meeples and Instructions.

Suitable for Ages 8 and above
No. of player: 2-5 Players
Time of play: 25 to 45 mins

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