Quarto Mini Board Game
Quarto Mini Board Game
Quarto Mini Board Game
Quarto Mini Board Game

Quarto Mini Board Game

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Quarto! has a 4×4 board and 16 pieces. Each piece has four dichotomous attributes – color, height, shape, and consistency – so each piece is either black or white, tall or short, square or round, and hollow or solid. The object is to place the fourth piece in a row in which all four pieces have at least one attribute in common. The twist is that your opponent gets to choose the piece you place on the board each turn.

How to Play:

Objective: To establish a line of four pieces, with at least one common characteristic on the board. The line of pieces may be across the board, up and down, or along a diagonal.

1) The players throw dice to see who starts. The first player selects one of the 16 pieces and gives it to his opponent.

2) That player places the piece on any square on the board; he must then choose one of the 15 pieces remaining and give it to his opponent. – In his turn, that player places the piece on a empty square, and so on…

Game Content:

Game Board (4×4)

16 blocks (of different shapes and sizes)

Suitable for Ages 8 and above
No. of player: 2 Players
Time of play: 15 mins

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