I Need Self-Love Healing Balm: Lily + Frankincense + Palmarosa

I Need Self-Love Healing Balm: Lily + Frankincense + Palmarosa

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For those times when you want to show a little more kindness to yourself, reach for this healing balm — and let the assuring scents remind you of the love that has always been inside you.

20g. Lightweight and convenient, carry it around your purse for your instant aromatherapy fix!

Essential oils in this Healing Balm:

  • Lily - With a spicy and sweet floral note, the lily essential oil has long been a favourite perfume ingredient. In aromatherapy, it's often used to help alleviate depression, promote joyful feelings and increase a sense of security.
  • Frankincense - Because of its sweet and woodsy fragrance, frankincense essential oil is often diffused to elevate daily spiritual and meditational experiences. People who practice yoga incorporate frankincense into their yoga routines to promote tranquillity and aid in meditation.
  • Palmarosa - Palmarosa has a soft, rosy, citrusy fragrance that can calm and uplift emotions, as well as untangle muddled thoughts.

    Made of 100% pure organic essential oils, organic shea butter and rice bran wax. Does NOT contain any beeswax or cocoa butter (which are very commonly used in cosmetics) making it organic, vegan, and sustainable.

    How to use: Apply topically to desired areas as needed. We recommend the wrists, temples, or sides of the neck. You can also rub some onto your palms and inhale deeply.

    Origin: Singapore