I Need Clarity Healing Balm: Bergamot + White Tea + Freesia

I Need Clarity Healing Balm: Bergamot + White Tea + Freesia

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For those times when you need to reconnect with your inner wisdom, let this uplifting and calming balm show you the way. By opening up your heart to joy, you achieve clarity of purpose.

20g. Lightweight and convenient, carry it around your purse for your instant aromatherapy fix!

Essential oils in this Healing Balm:

  • Bergamot- With a  sweet, lively, citrusy and fruity smell, the refreshing scent of the bergamot essential oil can brighten anyone’s day. Among the many bergamot essential oil benefits are its uplifting properties — helping to relieve anxiety, depression, stress and tension.
  • White Tea - With a pleasant and soft fragrance, white tea essential oil promotes a homey and relaxing atmosphere. Helping soothe and make you feel at ease, white tea can also improve your quality of sleep and enhance your meditation practice.
  • Freesia - With a sweet floral and refreshing aroma, freesia is said to enhance alertness and strengthen memory. Reminiscent of summer blooms, it is calming and can help balance emotions.

Made of 100% pure organic essential oils, organic shea butter and rice bran wax. Does NOT contain any beeswax or cocoa butter (which are very commonly used in cosmetics) making it organic, vegan, and sustainable.

How to use: Apply topically to desired areas as needed. We recommend the wrists, temples, or sides of the neck. You can also rub some onto your palms and inhale deeply.

Origin: Singapore