Bodyguard Card Game
Bodyguard Card Game

Bodyguard Card Game

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Bodyguard – In the Banana Republic, the high-pressure dictatorship caused anger and dissatisfaction among the people. Many people joined the ranks of assassinating the Prime Minister, and then assembled into an assassin organization. However, the Prime Minister of Dokin didn’t care, and accompanied by a professional security guard, he still did nothing wrong.

Will the Prime Minister get rid of an Assassin first and let the assassin group collapse, or will the Assassins succeed in the assassination first and overthrow the regime?

Can the Bodyguard rescue the Prime Minister and maintain the power at a critical moment?

The conflict between the citizens and the irresponsible, cruel president. Unhappy citizens came together and create an assassins union. It requires discipline, faith and conviction. Thus the path of an assassin is tough.

How to play?

On your turn, you MUST play 1 card from your hand.

Choose one action to take:

・ Play an action card. ・ Play a hit card. ・ Discard a card.

After either of the above, the player will draw a card from the draw pile.

Note: when the draw deck is used up, the players do not draw cards anymore. Players who have no hand cards, their turns are skipped.


80 cards (9 Role cards, 44 Hit cards, 27 Action cards)

40 Tokens (30 One point tokens, 10 Two point tokens)


Suitable for Ages 9 and above
No. of player: 4-8 Players
Time of play: 30 to 45 mins

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