Sewing My Animal Friend - Snoozy Lamb

Sewing My Animal Friend - Snoozy Lamb

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It's never too late to get a really awesome new best friend! We've got you covered with this adorable Snoozy Lamb from the Avenir Sewing My Animal Friends range.

Your little one will love the idea of having their very own soft and cuddly stuffed animal, but also use it as a pillow or as an accessory when they're feeling fashionable.

Sewing is easy with pre-punched fabric and your child will be proud of their handiwork. They'll want to take it everywhere they go - that way no matter where they are, they can always have their favorite pet with them for comfort and companionship!

Sewing My Animal Friends will inspire your child's imagination while they work on completing the beautiful design. They'll be able to create something special for their best friend or favourite stuffed animal in no time.

Design available: Bunny, Bear, Crocodile and Lamb

Age: 6+
Origin: Germany