I Need Serenity Healing Balm: Lavender + Green Tea + Sandalwood

I Need Serenity Healing Balm: Lavender + Green Tea + Sandalwood

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For those times when there seems to be a lot going on, take some time to pause and find your centre. Let these calming fragrances help you find your place of inner serenity.

20g. Lightweight and convenient, carry it around your purse for your instant aromatherapy fix!

Essential oils in this Healing Balm:

  • Lavender - With a  floral aroma and a refreshing minty undertone, the smell of the lavender essential oil greets you as you envision yourself surrounded by lavender flowers all around. Let it soothe you with its balancing properties that calm the mind and body.
  • Green Tea - the green tea essential oil is a light and fresh fragrance. It helps relieve stress and can be a great aid while studying or completing important work assignments.
  • Sandalwood - The earthy scent of sandalwood essential oil is calming, stimulating and grounding. With its ties to Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, sandalwood has been used to manage colds, infections, digestive problems and muscle pains.

Made of 100% pure organic essential oils, organic shea butter and rice bran wax. Does NOT contain any beeswax or cocoa butter (which are very commonly used in cosmetics) making it organic, vegan, and sustainable.

How to use: Apply topically to desired areas as needed. We recommend the wrists, temples, or sides of the neck. You can also rub some onto your palms and inhale deeply.

Origin: Singapore