Bye Bye Virus Card Game
Bye Bye Virus Card Game
Bye Bye Virus Card Game
Bye Bye Virus Card Game

Bye Bye Virus Card Game

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Bye Bye Virus is a hilarious game that will help you, your family and friends bond over staying safe, sane and having fun.

How to play:

1. You start out with 3 cards. Take turns drawing one card and choose to play one action.
2. Your actions determines your fate. Play one of three options.
(i) Use 1 power card to see what life throws your way.
(ii) Discard 3 panic hoarding cards to steal 1 card.
(iii) Or do nothing and await your fate.
3. Just like in life, you will face all sorts of crazy obstacles like:
- empty super market shelves
- panic buying things that won't save you or
- deal with new regulations and much more....
4. But BEWARE. Just when you think you've won you could lose a card if:
- you broke quarantine and got caught by the Police
- someone catches you for touching your face
5. HOW TO WIN: Collect all 5 Protect cards and shout "Bye Bye Virus"

Number of players: 2-6
Age: 8-88

Each deck includes:
- 114 cards (Protect Cards, Power Cards, Panic Cards)
- 1 instruction sheet

Game Publisher: Denise Lim and Yasmine Khater