Agro Cado Card Game
Agro Cado Card Game

Agro Cado Card Game

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Enjoy an extra portion of fun and grab one of your five - a - day with Agro - Cado – a fun fruit themed card game for all the family !

An easy to pick - up - and - play card game for 2 to 4 players, Agro - Cado invites players to swap and trade cards with the aim of collecting as many matching fruit pairs as they can, all the while trying to avoid the rogue Agro - Cado – the angry avocado card threatening to spoil the whole batch!

Easily the best way to serve up plenty of laughter as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, Agro - Cado includes 49 x fruit themed cards and full playing instructions, all neatly housed in an avocado shaped tin.

Perfect for family occasions or game nights with friends, Agro - Cado is a simple and fun game suitable for all ages thanks to its pick - up - and - play nature.

So match up your pairs of fruit – apples with apples, oranges with oranges etc – and avoid being left at the end with the angry avocado.The person with the most pairs wins, while the person stuck with the Agro - Cado automatically loses!

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